Kit Harington Had To Convince His Co-Stars That He’s Not Coming Back

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jon snow wakes upKit Harington was already informed by the showrunners that he will return to Game of Thrones when they gave him season 5 scripts in 2014. But the rest of the cast did not and the 29-year old English actor had to pretend that he was leaving the show when they were filming the fifth season of the hit HBO fantasy show:

“At first I thought I would find it fun,” Harington tells EW. “This will be a fun game. But I had to lie to a lot of close friends and cast members and crew. The longer it went, the more I felt like I was betraying them. So I did end up letting people in, slowly.”

Some of course didn’t buy Harington’s claim while others did, at least for some time. Harington adds:

“Liam Cunningham (Davos) told me to f**k off from the start. Sophie Turner, bless her, wrote me a really long letter about how much she loved working with me – and I still got it. That made me chuckle.”



      1. No kidding, that is probably the fifteenth time someone has made that exact comment. So originality. Much wow.

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