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** Following article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season 6 Episode 2 [Home] **

ramsay regrets killing his familyRamsay Bolton became the new lord of Winterfell after killing his father Roose, step-mom Walda and his newly born step-brother. Though it was always expected of Ramsay to kill them this season, the way he killed Walda and her baby (feeding them live to the hounds) raised quite a few eyebrows. Episode writer Dave Hill explains Ramsay’s actions to EW:

“What he cares most about is power. As long as he was the sole son, the only possible heir, it was fine.. He doesn’t bear his mother any ill will. She’s a very sweet woman in the wrong place, wrong time.”

The writer revealed that Ramsay still regrets killing his family and though he may look like a complete psychotic madman, he’s just trying to live up to the Bolton family name:

“Ramsay’s sad, he’s not a complete psychotic madman. He regrets having to kill his father. He’s actually trying to live up to this father’s standards and become the man his father wanted him to be — in his own sociopathic killer way.”


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