National Center On Sexual Exploitation Petitions To Boycott Game Of Thrones

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shame of thronesThe National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) wants you to stop watching Game of Thrones. A petition called ‘Shame of Thrones’, addressed to HBO and sponsored by NCOSE, accuses the network of turning pornography and sexual violence into mainstream entertainment:

“I am outraged that you are producing a television series that routinely uses graphic and explicit depictions rape, incest, orgies, prostitution, sexual violence, and gratuitous allusions to child sexual abuse. Instead of choosing to deal with subjects like rape with sensitivity and gravity, Game of Thrones has consistently portrayed these scenes with salacious detail.

Through the combination of interesting storylines with highly sexualized and violent content, HBO has made a business of turning pornographic sexual violence into mass entertainment.

This year I will be taking a stand against explicit and exploitive graphic sexual content on television by boycotting the Game of Thrones series and encouraging others to do the same.”

At a press conference, center’s executive director Dawn Hawkins accused Game of Thrones and HBO of bringing ‘torture pornography into American living rooms’:

“Since 2011, HBO has relentlessly brought the ambiance of torture pornography into American living rooms through ‘Game of Thrones’ explicit depictions of rape, incest, prostitution, and sexual violence. This cocktail of pornography and twisted plot lines must be denounced as socially irresponsible, especially in an age when American society is struggling to combat the crisis of sexual assault and rape culture.”

She adds:

“In stark contrast, films like ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ and ‘The Color Purple’ manage to convey the gravity of rape in a plotline without exploiting it in a way that is salacious or dehumanizing. Game of Thrones however, has consistently crossed the line of decency by grotesquely depicting rape, incest, prostitution, and sexual violence in a manner that turns viewers into vicarious participants. For its incessant themes of sexual violence, ‘Game of Thrones’ would be more aptly named ‘Shame of Thrones’.”

NCOSE’s hate for Game of Thrones is not new and the center has constantly bashed the show for its depiction of sex, violence and nudity. They even have a page on their website dedicated to the hit HBO fantasy show, where they maintain a ‘proof section helping people to understand the frequent themes and scenes in the show’.



  1. Wow, are people really this stupid? That’s why it’s a paying channel because it contains all of that, and considering that Game of Thrones is set in the medieval times, which things were like that back then. I smell jealousy because they earn more money than you do (not sound braggy or anything). Don’t like it, then don’t pay for it and watch Game of Thrones. Thanks, Donald Trump.

      1. so it is not related to earth? hmm lets see, it is a known fact it is based on the war of the roses that happened in a country called England on a planet called Earth. the ‘Wall’ is hadrians wall. the the stark/York. lannisters/lancaster. wildlings/picts (scots). dornish/cornish. so technically it is related to earth and in a very strong way, hell if you turn ireland upside down, then a mirror image of it, and stick it to the bottom of england … boom westeros. i have even included a picture to show you. So yes it is classed as fantasy epic. but it is based on real historical areas, wars, people etc. just written a hell of a lot more fun,

    1. So… by that logic… we can’t have dragons or white walks, because that’s not historically accurate or something? It’s a fantasy world, honey. Historical accuracy isn’t worth jack.

      1. its based on medieval times, yes it’s fantasy but its how feudal medieval times in europe looked like if we exclude magic ..

  2. It is HBO cable. If you don’t like Game of Thrones or any other HBO product, don’t buy it and don’t watch it.

  3. SimpleStuff, and Jordan Bachmann have it right.

    NCOSE, wat r u doing?

    NCOSE, stahp.

    Those quotes are so cringeworthy, do they really think all this is going to win people over to support a boycott? Idk, there must be people out there who can read that spiel without dying of second hand embarrassment, I guess.

  4. The idea that the show is giving a message that it normalizes sexual violence failed to look at the uproar that happened during the Cersei/Jamie scene and the Sansa/Ramsay scene. Up until now, after 5 seasons, Cersei-Jamie’s relationship is still viewed as not normal.

  5. If you don’t like nudity, don’t watch a show that has nudity in it; why is this so hard?! Not everyone has your prudish sense of morality, no one is forcing you to watch the show, please just learn to change the channel instead of trying to ruin something you don’t like for millions of other people. Your lives will go so much better once you realize that you can’t control what other people do, like or say; you only have control over your reaction to the situation. So, please stop over-reaction and just change the channel.

    1. This group is definitely overreacting, but they’re not concerned about the nudity. They’re concerned about sexual violence being depicted for entertainment purposes. Now, personally I think GoT does an excellent job of NOT depicting the rapes in a gratuitous way and that makes it fairly obvious that none of these people have ever watched the show.

      But. But. If you’re, say, a survivor of rape (which at least a quarter of all women are), and you used to shows that DO depict rape victims as victims and nothing more, you’re going to be more sensitive to graphic shows. Personally, as a rape survivor, I was extremely impressed with how tasteful and respectful most of the sexual violence has been (in terms of what’s graphically depicted). No one needed to watch Sansa get brutalized, but we all got the message. I appreciated not being show it in more detail.

      Again, obviously these people have never seen the show or they would realize the women in GoT are depicted as anything but weak, wilting flowers. But I get why some folks are sensitive to that kind of stuff, especially when most shows do depict rape as a form of torture porn.

      1. And yet if they are rape survivors and the episode that has rape in it. Then don’t watch the show… It is fantasy but in that time frame violence and rape was a thing.

      2. The thing is, we didn’t even *see* Sansa getting brutalized, it was just the power of suggestion and left to our imagination. I’ve seen far more graphic things in other shows.

  6. While I normally support their positions, this whole Game of Thrones petition is patently absurd. Learn the difference between fantasy and reality. Also, the first sentence – You’re outraged? Outrage is the most overused, hyperbolic, bullshit phrase being uttered today. It’s the slogan of the coddled millennials and their inability to even hear an opposing point of view without having to retreat to their therapist and cry at their safe space being violated. Spend more time focusing on actual atrocities and less worrying about the fake ones on a tv show

    1. Exactly.. save the ‘outrage’ for the reality of real people being burned in cages, for women being stoned for disobeying her husband, for a hundred people being shot up in a gay club because some deranged terrorist hates gay people, for female circumcision, for the beheading of Christians on a beach, for the real rape of young girls who wouldn’t submit their bodies to their islamic terrorist captors. Game of Thrones is a fantasy of a medieval time of magic, grumpkins, snarks, and giants beyond the Wall. I personally hope Game of Thrones runs for 10 seasons or MORE

    2. Listen, I think this group is definitely overreacting, and I say that as a rape survivor. But if you really think media does not feed into public perceptions of certain topics, in this case sexual violence, you are seriously kidding yourself.

      Also, safe spaces are for people with PTSD, not people who feel “uncomfortable.” So if you’d like to mock folks who’ve experienced extreme trauma and now have flashbacks and whatnot (you know, soldiers, victims of war, rape survivors, etc.), you’re doing a great job of disrespecting them.

      1. Pretty sure traumatized rape victims would not watch GOT or anything else that would upset them. Life is about policing yourself. Not the nation

    3. I agree with you but I would take it even further. Of course I do not support excusing, minimizing or glamorizing sexual violence in media any more than I do of any other kind of violence. There have been many books, movies and tv programs that have done this (that I have avoided whenever possible) but GoT does not and GoT never has, whether in the books or in HBO’s adaptation. While very loosely based in part on the worst aspects of a particularly brutal period in history, GoT itself is a work of FICTION (magic, dragons, ice monsters, right?) depicting a dark world where yes, evil deeds of many kinds are committed, some of them sexual. It is certainly not a story for the immature of any age. Refreshingly, GoT portrays evil deeds as being evil. This is in stark contrast to those who, whether from fear, squeamishness, or political correctness, do excuse, minimize, and even glamorize evil acts that are committed in the real world by NOT pointing them out and declaring them to be the evil that they so obviously are. If this group wants to parade their OUTRAGE! ™ by indulging in a public case of the vapors over sexual violence, then let them do so over the many real acts of sexual violence that take place today all around the world. May I suggest that such things as the use of rape as a weapon of war, the execution of gay men for being gay (and often by those who have raped them), the punishment of rape victims for unchastity, female genital mutilation, human enslavement for the purpose of sex trafficking, and such like are far more worthy targets for OUTRAGE! ™ than a book you don’t have to read or a tv show you don’t have to watch. This complaint is nothing more than ostentatious virtue-signaling at no cost, that has no benefit other than to make some cowards feel good about themselves. Next, I’ll tell you how I really feel …

    4. These women are misguided in where they have chosen to throw their energy, but maybe don’t trash an entire generation in the process of calling them out? I think the girl on the left gave up her millennial card when she bought something with a peter pan collar as it is, but I digress. It’s an embarrassingly weak go-to for someone who seems so concerned with the quality of discourse taking place in the world today.

      As a not-so-coddled millennial (aka most of us in actual reality, not in retiree enlarged lettering fantasy land where we’re the ones who somehow magically ruined the world before we were born) I take issue with your generalization. I don’t think I even have the capability to be outraged at this point because of all the shit my generation has seen relative to our lifespan thus far. The word numb comes to mind, whereas in contrast it’s typically older folks who I see exhibiting rage or the dreaded ~entitlement~ in public. You might want to reconsider where you direct your particular brand of outrage, or how you articulate yourself when you do so. Every generation has assholes and psychos and whiny cunts, but you all seem to love to shit on us “Milennials” for some reason and I’m not having it. Notice that I’m not crying to a therapist (that’s my wallet laughing in the background, if you couldn’t tell) but I’m not having it, either. There’s your opposing viewpoint.

  7. There is a simple solution that people like you never seem to figure out, so I will help you…. Don’t watch it. People like you are a pain in the ass. Always gotta try to drag everyone else down with you just because you don’t like something. Fuck off.

  8. SJW’s will always be out there trying to fight false battles but when REAL injustice happens (like the burning to death of 19 Yazidi sex slaves) these subhuman cowards are nowhere to be found.

  9. they’re a fucking joke. game of thrones is awesome. watch the show and you’d understand that

  10. I cant believe that. It is a tv show, it’s fiction. The watchers of the show, including me, know that if we do this things in real life is wrong!!!! Why these people take things so serious?? By the way, if you don’t like the t.v, show don’t watch it and don’t give opinions of that! That pissed me off!!!!!!!

  11. The show represent problems that have been in this world since for ever. They shows that in a way to show us and make us aware of how much the real world is fucked up and not that far from the world of “Game of Thrones”. You don’t have anything else to do? Instead of accusing such a brilliant TV show? This show isn’t meant for kids to watch it. It’s for adults.

    1. I know, right man? I keep trying to enslave my neighbors, but this blonde chick keeps burning down my house with her dragons. Totally represents my struggle.

      1. So you’re saying there isn’t anything in the show that represents real issues that we’ve faced in our history? Based on all your ignorant comments I’ve read, that’s what I have gathered. Obviously the show is fictional dumbass, but rape, murder, incest, whorehouses, torture etc… Are not made up fiction. Even if you were born yesterday, it’s still relevant.

  12. So if we pretend that rape doesn’t exist in our fiction then that will help raise awareness about it in real life?

  13. How about petitioning for better sexual and social education in school so we don’t have a bunch of sexually repressed idiots doing dumb and bad things. Have we not read our Bible recently?

  14. As so many have pointed out, this is a pay cable program. It’s not free and it’s not available to just anyone. If you and your sexually repressed prigs don’t want to watch it, then don’t. But keep your views and opinions about what I watch to yourself. If not, it can get real ugly for you.

  15. Game of Thrones is the best series on any channel anywhere. The sets and the acting are superb, and the story lines are always interesting and you can’t help but see the age old story of good vs evil in every episode. In Game of Thrones, people’s words mean something, so does honor. I have enjoyed every episode and as I said in a previous response, I hope it runs at least 10 seasons or more. For anyone who doesn’t like it, turn to the Disney Channel, Nick at Night, or the Food Channel. You have choices and mine is to watch Game of Thrones. You can watch something else.

  16. They should be outraged when teenage girls don’t have access to birth control because someone lied about planned parenthood

    1. Or that a lot of American schools ignore important topics such as consent, contraception, LGBT relations and STIs in favour of religiously influenced abstinence only education. Perhaps omitting these important parts of the topic and only telling people to “just not have sex” is short sighted, idiotic policy and one of the sources incidents that lead to rapists such as Brock Turner not understanding what he did was wrong, and violent homophobia that leads to hate crime on the level of the Orlanda shootings.

      Perhaps all of the above is more of an issue that fiction.

  17. I survived a violent rape. Quite possibly the best word to describe rape is dehumanizing. Yes, the scene with Sansa was difficult for me to watch. It was difficult for a lot of people to watch. Good! That scene portrays rape in a way I have never seen it portrayed before. As dehumanizing. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It is sad that the conversation became about how awful it was for a fictitious rape to be portrayed on screen instead of simply how awful rape is.

    As for things like the age of a “child” being sexual and prostitution, I don’t understand the outrage. The age at which someone is considered adult is far younger in the GoT world than our current one, but pretty in line with our past. Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession and is common in almost every fantasy book/series I’ve ever read that has more than a single chapter take place in a city. It’s a staple of the genre. The only argument they could reasonably use against incest is thinking its gross. I’m not disagreeing. But if it is two consenting adults, it’s also a fat load of none of anyone else’s business. Instead of asking people to boycott what is quite possibly the most popular tv show in the world, they could be making an effort to actually do something to change the real world we live in every day, not the fake one we escape to for an hour a week, three months a year.

    1. Hahaha! You’re so clever with your casual sexism! It totally makes me think you have an actual point you chose not to share!

  18. They don’t like reality. Reality is ugly. In the fact that the show depicts how degraded and harmful it is, I think it shows very well this point. We are not children we are adults. We don’t need a babysitter or to be censored. Anyone who would have the desire to do such things would do these things without needing the idea being put in their heads. I’m not saying the show is real but… rape, murder and incest is and it’s just as ugly in the real world as it is in fantasy.

    1. Reality? Really? You’re going to make a reality argument? Please, tell me where the dragons and white walkers fall under that logic.

      If you want a show that is actually historically accurate, it would literally be back to back rape scenes, and I’m pretty sure no one wants that.

  19. Sooooooooooo, it’s pretty clear none of these people have watched the show.

    I’m pretty sensitive to sexual violence in media, but I thought the way GoT depicted most of the sexual violence was NOT at all gratuitous. And, more to the point, none of the characters merely play the role of “rape victim” like they do on, say, Law & Order. No, all of these women are fully-developed characters with powerful story arcs that are often riddled with violence because all people in this fantasy world, regardless of gender, face violence on a daily basis.

  20. Gotta admit, I wasn’t sure where these people were coming from when I first heard a complaint about “sex slaves being raped” on the show.

    Thinking back, though, there’s been some scenes… The show has earned a reputation for being brutal. That brutality IS tempered by a certain emotion of tragedy and eventual revenge, but that sense of comeuppance is just lost on someone who’s only seeing a “fourteen year old” getting rough sex on her wedding night. First season, that, not fifth.

    Objectively, the show kinda sells the spectacle, even if everything has a tendency to come full circle. It’s a tougher question than I’m willing to really answer, wondering what level of sex or violence is acceptable in the short-term for long-term plot impact.

    I love the show. Can’t wait for next season.

  21. Oh noes, special snowflakes are outraged again over some piece of adult fiction? I am soooooo surprised!

    How about you get useful and go stop female genital mutilation in arab countries (and male genital mutilation in the west while you’re at it) instead of finding new ways to make yourself even more laughable.

  22. I’m going to boycott HBO, Cause I pay for it and run into porno at nights. Sarcastic btw… What I’m getting at, If u pay for a channel known for having such things. And things trigger u easy, Then research what u wanna watch or if u see something that triggers u… Don’t watch it… I researched GOT before watching then seen how many loved it. I even seen comments about the rape in it, So it is well known.

  23. dam so someone is upset about a programme again, they should be congratulating HBO on how they portrayed it compared to how it is in the books, i am not knocking the books by the way, i love them, and so impatient for the next one, anyway, the books are worse, but like you can put a book down, you dont have to watch game of thrones, it is not as if it is not known for having nudity and everything else, and to say this stuff never happened in the ‘age’ this is set in is just showing how uneducated you are. so HBO are not trying to deceive people, with it was all nicey nicey in these times, and mr martin is not writing the usual hero fights wins, gets the girl and they all live happily every after, he writes the true story of things, how things do happen not how stories say they happen ( and before some muppet says but it is a story i know that). and this is why people love the books and the show so much as we can relate more to this and believe this more and we love the twist and turns that everyone should do in a good story, otherwise it is a boring set of words printed on a page. so get over yourself, quit your crying and just turn the tv over when it is on here in the uk you have to pay to watch it, and i gather from comments it is the same there, so it is your choice. now leave the rest of us to have something to watch we love.

  24. As a rape survivor, I’m extremely supportive of this show telling the story of Sansa Stark who experiences sexual violence and then becomes empowered to control her own destiny. If people who are naive about what rape actually does to a person don’t see it portrayed through stories or art, how will they know? All TV shows can make a profit for whatever reason. But it’s important to bring sexual violence to the forefront of our discussions and debates. Game of Thrones has done that. And it’s a good thing, not a bad thing.

  25. I fucking hate authoritarian feminist twats like this—– trying to tell other people what kind of art they can produce, and tell other people what kind of art they can watch. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Simple as that.

  26. Looks as if they have nothing going on in their lives. They LOOOOOVE telling people what to watch yet cherry pick the shit out of the Bible.

  27. They are not bringing anything into your living room. There are plenty of other channels to watch. If it is on your TV, it was your choice to watch it. A Trump load of us happen to like the show in spite of the violence and nudity. So watch something else Snowflakes.

    1. There are a lot of us who love the show who you would call ‘snowflakes’. Why do you feel the need to bring politics in to this conversation?

  28. If they turn violent times into pablum, how will people learn that this sort of suffering can’t be permitted? Seeing your heroes suffer through these situations, via actors who are paid very good money to portray this is a way of getting points and lessons across with no harm coming to anyone. These situations teach empathy, or bring it out, they make us feel for the character. I don’t think that should be dismissed or taken away. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.

  29. As a survivor myself, I love seeing women come out the other side stronger than before. What people have to understand is that this is a work of fiction. Please concentrate your efforts into what’s happening in the real world. Please and Thank you!

  30. Lmfao Why are u watching it even for a second… Since u get the idea of what its about by reading what others say about it or watching the adds. U do not have to watch or support it by not getting HBO. In fact HBO is a station were I got annoyed at all the porno late at night. But u know what I did, Watched another channel when its that late or use netflix.

  31. It’s pretend. It’s make believe, it’s entertainment. None of it is real, no one is really being hurt or exploited. Say no to dull, boring, pablum like they want. Don’t like the show? Don’t watch it.

  32. Dear SJWs: Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Simple. I for one don’t want to see great shows turned into pablum. It’s pretend. Acting like these themes don’t exist, will not erase them. Shows like this prompt discussion and awareness and lessons to be learned.

  33. They fail to see the point of the books/show. men are in charge in the beginning but near the end it’s the women who are top and in control. So where is the problem?

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