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emilia clarke pranked Joe Naufahu‘Word of advice- don’t fall asleep on the set’, warns Joe Naufahu, who is playing Khal Moro on Game of Thrones Season 6, else The Mother of Dragons will play a sticky prank and you will wake up with ‘caramel on your face, pants and beard’. Kiwi actor tells AOL:

“I just crashed, man. It was about three in the morning, and I wake up to Emilia in my face with a dessert spoon. I went to put my hand to my face, and she had smeared caramel all over my face, pants and beard. And one of them was sitting there with a camera filming it all, sitting there laughing.”

Naufahu gave a similar interview to Nerdist where he explains the prank in detail, what it means to be part of something like Game of Thrones and the other 4 best things in life, apart from seeing a ‘woman naked for the first time’. Check out the video below.


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