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got season 6 episode 1 illegal torrent downloadsWith over 1 millions in less than 12 hours, Game of Thrones once again wrote its name in the infamous list of ‘most pirated TV shows’, reports TorrentFreak. After the much awaited season 6 premiered Sunday night, Bittorrent users from all over the world immediately began downloading the first episode of the hit HBO fantasy show with over 200,000 seeders actively sharing the copies- a number that continues to rise.

Game of Thrones was also the 2015’s most pirated TV series and beat The Walking dead by over 100%. Nearly 50% of the users downloaded high definition copies – a trend that continues to rise, thanks to better Internet speeds, increasing affordability of high definition devices and x265 video codec which allow high video quality at a much lower file size than x264.

Most downloads came from Australia (13%) and India (10%) followed by USA (9%) and the UK (7%). Philippines, Canada, Netherlands, Greece, South Africa and Saudi Arabia complete the top ten.


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  1. That’s because the indian television premier censors it…and the real essence of the show gets diluted! :/

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