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sansa bran aryaGame of Thrones showrunner David Benioff has revealed that season 6 will be about ‘a lot of homecoming’ and that is the general theme this season:

“That’s one of the nice things about having this long story, a multiple season story — you’re following these characters for… you’re literally spending years with them. You’re truly watching them grow up in some cases or grow old in other cases, like us. Characters who have been separated for many seasons, seeing them reunited. Characters who have never met over the course of the show, seeing them come together for the first time. Those things become very exciting for us, both to write the scenes and also just as audience members to watch them. To watch these actors, these characters come together.”

Co-creator Dan Weiss emphasized that the show will continue forming these unlikely partnerships just like Tyrion & Daenerys last season:

“There’s energy that comes with compressing something, especially if it’s been allowed to mature. When you start to push everything and everyone together there’s just an excitement that comes with that. There’s nothing that feels peripheral anymore because there isn’t anything that’s peripheral anymore. It’s central people interacting with central people. Like David said, it becomes a lot more exciting to write. I feel like it probably becomes more exciting to watch.

Just like one of the things last year that was so much fun for us was just seeing Daenerys and Tyrion come together. These are two people who are very central to the story who live thousands of miles apart. Tyrion mentions Daenerys in passing to somebody else but they’ve never been in the same space. Just the image of them sitting at a table looking at each other and exchanging words with each other is in its own way is as exciting as a battle of thousands of people fighting thousands of people. That’s, for us, always something that we really look forward to with each subsequent season. That we can do more and more, more and more condensing and compressing and putting people together with people we know together with people they’ve never met before.”

They also spoke about the season 6 trailer revealing that there is so much awesome footage that they couldn’t use in order to avoid spoilers. Benioff says:

“It’s one of the trickiest things about cutting a trailer for this season — there’s so many great shots that we wish we could use but we can’t because they’re spoilers.”

Weiss adds:

“It’s like when we wanted to use when the Hound and Brienne fought in Season 4. To date probably the most visceral and exciting fight we’ve ever had on the show. [But] we can’t show a frame of it because this was not in the books and we can’t let people know that these two people meet each other because that would be a tremendous buzzkill of a way to find out they meet each other. Got a lot of that this year as well.”


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