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emilia clarke not returning for terminator sequelsTerminator Genisys, the 5th movie in the Terminator movie franchise got mixed reviews last year and some critics didn’t like Emilia Clarke’s acting in the movie, even though the movie made over $440 million at the box office. Producers have already hinted at ‘readjusting’ their plans for upcoming Terminator films and there had been rumors of Clarke being fired from the series. Speaking to Comingsoon.Net, the 29-year old English actress confirmed that she is no longer the part of franchise’s future:

“No [I’m not returning]. Can I say that? It’s okay. No. Uh-uh. But I have some very different roles coming up.”

Asked what these different roles are, she talked about her upcoming movie Me Before You, calling it a dream project for her:

“I read the book and it was just the most beautiful thing I had ever read. I was shooting ‘Terminator’ at the time and had a rocket launcher in my hand while crying like a little girl. I felt like the author, Jojo Moyes, had found a part of me and just wrote it down. I knew that I just had to play the role… Khaleesi doesn’t laugh. She doesn’t smile. She’s really serious. She takes her work very seriously. This role is the complete opposite. It’s affecting, but it’s a comedy as well. There’s some very funny moments in it… It’s a simple love story that talks about people’s rights.”

Me Before You releases June 3 and is directed by Thea Sharrock and also stars Sam Claflin in the lead role, playing a paralyzed wealthy young man with Clarke playing the role of his caretaker.


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