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bryan cogman sophie turnerGame of Thrones writer/producer Bryan Cogman has revealed that the upcoming season of the show will not be as dark as season 5:

“Season 5 was about taking characters to the brink – and for certain characters like Stannis and Jon, destroying them altogether. We left our central characters in huge moments of crisis and at their lowest points last year. All of them are now trying to rebuild their lives. Season 5 was in many ways our darkest. This season is still very dark, very intense, but it’s very much a next act.”

Cogman also revealed that the upcoming season 6 battle could well be the biggest television has ever seen:

“Yes. Definitely [the biggest action sequence]. We’ve always wanted to get to a place, story-wise and budget-wise and time-wise and resource-wise, when we would be able to do a proper battle – with one army on one side, one army on another side.”

He also said that it was both ‘scary’ and ‘exciting’ for them because show is finally surpassing the books and going into uncharted waters:

“It was the hardest season to write for that very reason. While we’re still drawing from a lot of situations and arcs in the books, it’s obviously not a direct adaptation of any of the books this year. I will say you’ll see character versions and interpretations that are in some of the previous books that we hadn’t gotten to yet. I think of it as Westeros 2 – the alternate universe version of Westeros. There’s the book universe and a show universe and this is what happens in the show universe.”


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