Game of Thrones: Bagpipe Cover

Game of Thrones Bagpipe cover - TheSnakeCharmerWe have all heard countless renditions of Game of Thrones theme over the years but only few stick to our minds forever and this is one of these.

Hailing from New Delhi- the capital of India, Archy Jay from ‘The Snake Charmer’ has performed several bagpipe covers ranging from folk metal (Inis Mona by Eluveitie) to hard rock (Thunderstruck by AC/DC). And now this Game of Thrones theme by the artist has left us absolutely awestruck. She writes:

“Game of Thrones is one of the Most watched Tv shows . Since Bagpipes are so Medieval they go really well with the whole GOT theme.”

And boy, they sure do. The bagpipes are quite appealing too. Embellished with a spiked dragon head, they really gel well with the performance. You can check out the video below.

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