Ronda Rousey Wants To Be A Dragon On Game Of Thrones

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ronda rousey game of thronesRonda Rousey has never watched Game of Thrones but has read the books and would rather be a character on The Walking Dead than being on the hit HBO fantasy show. She tells NFL star Odell Beckham Jr.:

“No one really has a happy story in that, though. I didn’t watch the show but I’ve read the books and there isn’t anyone in any of them where I’m like ‘I want to be that person, it’s going good for them.. No, everybody it’s like ‘Oh well my life is f**ked’; all of them, at some point, it happens. I want to be in ‘Walking Dead’ because I’m really big in post-apocalyptic stuff anyway. I want to shoot things all day. It would be kind of fun.”

Rousey and Beckham Jr. also answered some other random questions about dragons and time travel in this video for DraftKings. Check out the video below.


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