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jon snow eyes dilated‘Jon Snow is dead’, Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss tell Variety. The duo revealed that they spent a lot of money to ensure that Kit Harington had the eyes of a dead person, when his character was murdered by the men of the Night’s Watch in season 5 finale:

“People are spending a lot of time looking at his eyes, thinking he’s not dead,” reveals Benioff. “We spent a lot of time …”

Weiss interrupts:

“We spent a lot of money on his eyes. Pupillary muscles relax when your body gives up. It is called a pupillary sphincter. We looked this up on the Internet. Your pupillary sphincter relaxes and your eyes dilate. So you look carefully, Jon’s eye dilate.”

Benioff gives a rather bizarre comparison:

“People fart when they die because muscles relax and they release the gas. Same mechanism.”

The death of Ned Stark, way back in season 1, was a shock for many and established a general theme for the show that not even main characters are safe. But that was nothing compared to the reaction to season 5 finale which saw the murder of Jon Snow in its final moments. Benioff jokes:

“People have to understand that at a certain point, Kit Harington became such a monster that writing him off the show was imperative to our sanity and the well-being of the crew, because he’s, frankly, abusive.”

Weiss adds:

“There’s a certain level of violence, physical and mental, in a human being that you just can’t abide.”

They also defended using Jon Snow’s bloodied face on the season 6 poster, which led many to believe that Jon Snow will return at some point in future while some accused HBO for trolling fans. HBO exec Michael Lombardo clarifies:

“The noise, the volume, the frequency with which the Jon Snow question was being asked, and the response to his death in season five was so palpable, to ignore that seemed somehow silly. I don’t think it was an attempt to play with the audience as much as to remind an audience of where we took them this season and the stakes of the next season.”

You can watch the interview below.


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