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ramsay kisses theonAlfie Allen and Iwan Rheon recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the host asked them to hug each other because there has been ‘so much unpleasantness’ between Ramsay and Theon on Game of Thrones. Rheon ‘couldn’t resist’ and kissed Allen on the lips and later the duo shared a nice warm hug with Michael McElhatton (Roose). Check out the hilarious video below.



      1. I made the correction. It is ok for you now? Those men kissing each other made me feel sick

      2. yeah it’s a shame oh !!! I’m kidding :O Are we in the 21 century ?! Oh please ! Go back in your cavern 🙂 <3

      3. von and Kristi <3 best comments, had to sign up just to say that, but seriously, our world needs a little bit more time to recover from the mess that we're in nowadays, for now, let's just try to make things better for ourselves, then we can take care of the rest 😉

        Humanity is at its infancy.

      4. it was a peck, ffs. did it make your willy move, or something?

      5. small piece of advise if this offends you, stay away from the internet, its not a place for you…..

  1. it was just a friendly kiss. but of course it was shocking, I’m just thinking what if my husband kiss his friend. oh my… lol

    1. sorry…. did i watch the same video you did?? i saw a peck on the lips. was there more?? oh, tell me there was more… 😉

    2. you should watch the blooper scene where barney stinson and marshal ericson from How i met your mother kissed. Barney also kissed lilly. and this happened not only once 😀

  2. Ignorance is bliss. Keep hating…God is watching…you know, the one who actually can judge you…..stop worrying about what someone else is doing and mop up your own sins.

  3. Aww. That was cute. The interesting part is watching Iwan Rheon on Vicious where he plays such a sweet, unassuming character and then seeing him on GoT. Wow.

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