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ramsay nights kingGame of Thrones is known for its penultimate episodes. Whether it’s the death of Ned Stark in season 1 or the terrifying Red Wedding in season 3, episode 9 has always packed a punch and this season is no different, according to showrunners. Director Miguel Sapochnik (Hardhome) has ‘absolutely crushed it’, says David Benioff. Dan Weiss is quick to add: “Not saying that the final episode is not also very hoo-ha.”

got season 6 factsheetThe cast and the crew are also calling the current season the ‘strongest’ and ‘most brutal’ of all. And they have the numbers to back their claim. Season 6 is believed to have cost HBO well over $10 million per episode, highest for any television series. Compared to season 5, they used an additional 200 hours of dailies (total 700) plus they filmed in 5 different counties and there were instances when 4 units were shooting simultaneously to meet the deadlines. Every aspect of Game of Thrones has become more and more complex as the show has progressed (like VFX). Benioff explains:

“I honestly believe this is the strongest season we’ve had. It became a real endurance test for everyone on the crew. We never quite knew where we were going every day.. I think back to season one, and the big vfx was the baby dragons. We were so nervous about that shot. The team did a very good job, and they look great. But baby dragons grow up, and they get violent.”

Weiss adds: “It’s crossing out of a television schedule into more of a midrange movie schedule.”

Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) agrees:

“It is the biggest, baddest season so far. I’m going to be surprised if people’s televisions don’t explode. I remember reading the scripts and being like, ‘So, everything we’ve ever managed to do in one entire season, we’re doubling and putting into season six?'”


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