Season 6 To Have ‘Some Wild Scenes That Won’t Be In The Books’: GOT Showrunners

david benioff dan weiss grrmGame of Thrones season 6 will take us completely beyond the books for the first time. As the show has progressed, it has drifted more and more from George R.R. Martin’s narrative and at the end of season 5, barring few minor plots, show had almost completely caught up with the novels.

Martin’s last book in the A Song of Ice and Fire saga- A Dance With Dragons was released in 2011 and 5 years later, the sixth book in the series- The Winds of Winter is yet to completed, without a tentative release date. Speaking to Empire Magazine, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss hinted that books and the show won’t play out in the same way and season 6 is where Game of Thrones will diverge the most from the future novels:

“We have some wild upcoming scenes based on inside information George gave us.. and we have some other wild scenes that won’t be in the books. George is the sole master of the books, from which the series sprang, so his creative influence is everywhere. But he’s in Santa Fe writing the books and we’re in Belfast making the show.”

Game of Thrones returns April 24 9 pm on HBO.

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