This UK Company Is Giving Employees The Morning Off To Watch Game Of Thrones

rehab studio got premiere monday offWith Game of Thrones season 6 set to return Monday morning 2 am for the fans in the UK, it is certain that a lot of workplaces will be filled with bleary eyed employees who didn’t get their full quota of sleep. But this will not be the case in rehabstudio offices where the bosses have given their workers the morning off, encouraging them to catch the early morning premiere which will be simulcast with the United States.

There is a small catch however- ┬áthe change in contract also warns employees to not reveal any spoilers for those who plan to watch the premiere at a more comfortable time i.e. Monday 9 pm on Sky Atlantic. Speaking to Mashable, the company’s cofounder Tim Rodgers revealed that this idea has been a huge success for them:

“We’ve had some employees ask if the perk can be extended to the premiere of The Walking Dead. This year it’s GoT, next year it could be something completely different and the team are welcome to give us suggestions.”

And here’s the post from company’s official page:

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