Michael Fassbender Flipped Off Sophie Turner The First Time They Met

Michael Fassbender middle finger sophie turnerMichael Fassbender showed a middle finger to Sophie Turner the first time they met. Speaking to Marie Claire magazine, the Game of Thrones actress revealed being ‘nervous’ about meeting Fassbender when she joined the cast of X-Men but immediately knew they’d get along well, when Magneto flipped young Jean off:

“I was also about meeting Michael Fassbender, but [on my first day on set] I looked over and he gave me the middle finger, jokingly, and I thought, ‘We’re going to get on.’ “

Turner also praised her co-star Jennifer Lawrence, calling her a ‘big sister’ and the Oscar-winning actress even looked after Sophie¬†when she was sick:

“Despite being one of the most famous actresses in the world, she’s so down to earth. One day I got sick and she was looking after me, constantly checking up on me, getting me tablets. She was like a big sister.”

The 20-year old English actress admitted to have burst into tears of joy, when she learned she’d been cast as Jean Grey in X-Men Apocalypse:

“I rang my mum and she started crying, then I started crying. It was crazy. Then my phone started blowing up.”

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