John Bradley (Samwell) Shoots Down This Hugely Popular Jon Snow Fan Theory

samwell tarly ghostJohn Bradley (Samwell Tarly) appeared on CONAN recently where he shot down a hugely popular fan theory related to Jon Snow’s resurrection. The 28 year old English actor revealed that he finds it ‘bizarre’ when fans think Jon Snow may have warged into Ghost:

“So it is going to be the character, but he’s going to be in the body of a direwolf or something. Which is a strange theory because what you’re really asking yourself there is, ‘Do they like the character of Jon Snow enough that they’re going to want to see it being played by a dog. I mean Kit Harington, I’m sure he won’t mind me saying this, he’s got a very marketable face. He’s a very, very good looking guy, carries a lot of sex appeal, I’m not sure a dog’s going to carry that sex appeal. And if he does, those people have got to ask themselves some serious questions.”

You can watch the video below.

Bradley also debuted a new clip from Game of Thrones season 6 featuring Sam and Gilly on a ship, which you can watch here.

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