American Paparazzi Are A$$holes Who ‘Follow You For Hours’: Maisie Williams

maisie williams skatingBeing a celebrity has its advantages. You are famous, make tons of money, lead a luxurious life, become friends with important people who can make things right if you are ever in trouble and get special treatment almost everywhere you go. But it also has some serious disadvantages. Your private life is no longer private. Anything you say might be taken out of context by the press which can result in some serious bad publicity. You can no longer go to a public place and just be yourself like a normal person. You will most likely be surrounded by a horde of fans who will go to any lengths to get that selfie with you for their facebook/instagram profiles. And you just can’t walk on the streets holding your boyfriend’s hands and not being followed by paparazzi.

Maisie Williams, known for her portrayal as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, was recently interviewed by Nylon magazine where she spoke about life’s complexities tied to mass popularity. Ironically, during the interview (which was done during a skating session on the streets of Santa Monica, California), she was constantly followed by a paparazzi (see above pic). She comments:

“Arsehole… Ugh, it’s so bad in America. Back home in England, they just take the shot and go. Here, they’ll follow you for hours”

Williams also revealed that she is struggling with the constant scrutiny and judgement related to every move she makes:

“Sometimes my fans say things like, ‘That’s not Maisie’… I’m like, ‘How do you know what is not me? One, I have never met you, and two, I am not yours. I am myself … When I step out with a shorter skirt on, or a little bit more makeup, people say, ‘What’s happening?’ But this is what I do in everyday life. It’s who I am.”

She adds:

“I can do normal things, but not in a normal way. When I go out clubbing, it’s like, ‘Oh, you’re that girl from that show!’ So I wear caps. When I go to a music festival, I wear a mask, because, well, it is fun to wear masks, and also it is nice to walk around without taking pictures all the time.”


  1. Its funny when rich people complain.Its cute.Esp the ones that never had to really work or be productive at anything.People around the world are starving and they are complaining about someone taking there picture.LOL

    1. The irony is that you’re sitting on the Internet, complaining about the complaints of “rich people”. The fact that you’re here indicates that you’re probably in the top 1 or 2 percent of the world’s richest people. All you need to make is $47,500 to be in the top 1%.

      I’m sure that somewhere there is a starving person who would look with disdain at the fact that you waste money that could feed them on your trolling of celebrity articles.

      1. Not sure where, this comment was a few months ago. Something I’m sure I googled at the time. You can google “global 1%” and the number that pops up is actually lower that what I saw previously. Here’s a link to a calculator that claims that $35k is better than 99% of the world population.

      2. The average household income is around 75k .. following its not fair to compare 50k Idaho, and 50k San Fran (you will be homeless making 50k in SF)

        But hey quote random number, no way you are pulling them out of your ass.

      3. Once again… try to go back and actually read what I wrote. It’s not many sentences. I didn’t use very big words or complex sentence structures.

      4. The even greater irony is that you posted a link to show the percent ranking in the USA. If you could read, you might notice that I said “of the world’s richest people”.

        Try your hand at googling again and get back to me, Einstein.

      5. Hah, you edited your comment to try to look like something occurred to you. Just keep digging that hole deeper. Here’s your original comment in case you keep editing:

        Oh this is embarrassing. that puts you in the lower 43%.

        You need 350k to be in the top 2%

        Man google. So hard to use. Also you might want to get a higher paying job if you think 47k is a lot. Couldn’t even get an apartment where I live making that much.

        Anyone can scroll up and see that I clearly was talking about the world’s richest people. Just man up and admit that you were confused. Blame it on staying up late or not wearing your reading glasses if it makes you feel better, but stop trying to put the onus on me because you have poor reading comprehension skills.

        The only thing worse than being stupid is being a stupid liar.

      6. I make right around 47500 and it’s BELOW the minimum amount one needs to make to live in my city as rents have more than doubled in the past 20 years. Comparing my salary to the salary of a person in another country is ridiculous as it doesn’t take into account how much of that money goes to simply keeping food on the table and roof over your head. There are many places in the world where my salary would mean I was rich, but in my city it actually has me just above poverty.

      7. And yet you get to live in the city where you claim that $47500 is below the minimum amount one needs to make.

        You realize that there are people in the world who would kill to live in your American city even to be a beggar on the street?

        Do you realize that if you took your salary to Delhi, India, sure you’d be relatively well off… but you’d have to live in Delhi… India. It sucks there.

        So complaining that your $47,500 isn’t enough to live off of is a very first world problem and you’re very fortunate to live where you live and apparently have enough time and money to be posting to the Internet about your woes. Also, you’re in a thread responding to a comment I made a year ago about a Game of Thrones character’s whining. You have no idea how fortunate you are compared to so many in the rest of the world.

      1. That’s like saying, “Are you saying that winning the lottery is easy? If it was, everyone would be doing it.”

        Let me put it this way: If becoming a doctor were like acting, you wouldn’t go to college, medical school, and spend years interning before becoming a doctor.

        No, first of all, a lot of your qualification would be based on how good looking you were. Assuming that you were good looking enough, you would get a job bar tending or waiting tables to pay the rent. That’s what you’d do with most of your time, and then you would go interview at hospitals to try to convince them that you’d make a good doctor. Somewhat randomly, when the hospital liked your look and thought you threw out bs that sounded vaguely medical, they would hire you for a ridiculous amount of money.

        Being a successful actor is mostly about luck and the perseverance to keep going on auditions when people are rejecting you. But in the grand universe of jobs, it’s not one of the harder ones and it’s certainly not one that deserves a great deal of respect.

    2. “Never had to really work or be productive at anything”

      You DO realize that actors/musicians work really fucking hard, right?

      1. Many musicians work hard to get to a certain level of proficiency with their voices and their instruments. Some keep working to hone their craft. Some kind of ride on their past work and don’t do much else. There’s a reason why the rock-n-roll lifestyle is one of legendary debauchery and excess.

        Actors are a slightly different story. You have some character actors who work harder than others at their craft. They weren’t born with tremendous looks and so they have to bust their butts to be good actors and hope to get noticed – but even then, becoming a good actor isn’t as difficult as becoming a good rocket surgeon.

        Normally, though, getting a big break in acting involves winning the genetic lottery in the looks department. It’s the primary reason why actors tend to be liberal. They got lucky to be where they are so they assume that everyone else with any success in life just got lucky. Actors don’t understand the endless hours that a software developer spent in high school, college, and afterward staying up late to learn how to code and write good software. Actors don’t understand the farmer who wakes up before sunrise and works until way after sunset, eeking out his relatively meager existence on a bit of land.

        I say all this, having personally known people in all of the above professions.

    3. I’m a grocery clerk. When I’m on the clock, I’m happy to serve customers. When I’m walking down the street on my day off, if some jerk came up and demanded that I explain why his milk went bad, I’d punch him in the face.
      Actors are people. Acting is the product they sell. Their performance IS ALL YOU GET. What they do after the lights and cameras are off is their business and nobody else’s. Paparazzi are leeches.

  2. She’s a talented actress. We all love her on the show and as a person! But damn. Let her be kid and enjoy the simple things. I bumped into Michelle Fairley when she was shooting in Atlanta. I looked, she made eye contact with me, and in passed we both sort of did this weird nod thing at each other and kept going. Just let them live their life. Sure it’s neat, but think if I’d have freaked out. The entire store would have swarmed.

  3. Why would she want to hang out in CA? Isn’t most of this filmed outside of hollywood?

    That said no one has a normal life in OC. Visiting is bad enough. Living ick.

  4. What do you expect? Its the USA some are Good, heck scratch that some are Great but there are really uneducated retarded sick bastards out there in USA, its a big country with different races so eventually you will encounter those trolls

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