Game Of Thrones Episodes 2 and 3 Titles Leaked

jaime brienne rooseThe tiles for episodes 2 and 3 of Game of Thrones season 6 have leaked online. Geekly Inc, who released the first 6 titles for season 5 accurately last year, report that episode 2 is titled ‘Home’ and episode 3 is called ‘Oathbreaker’.

We already know that first episode is titled ‘Red Woman’ and HBO also released a very brief synopsis for it. But not much can be said about episode 2 right now as ‘Home’ is quite generic for a title and could mean anything. However, the third title ‘Oathbreaker’ could be a reference to Brienne as her sword is called ‘Oathkeeper’. It could also refer to Jaime Lannister and/or Roose Bolton as both are well known oathbreakers.

Jaime broke his oath as a kingsguard when he murdered the Mad King (Aerys II Targaryen) during the sack of King’s Landing. Roose Bolton on the other hand, broke his oath as bannerman of House Stark when he stabbed Robb Stark to death at the Red Wedding.

Game of Thrones returns April 24.


  1. maybe it has to do with Jaime going to Riverrun? as in the trailer i believe it was Cersei says he should take his rightful place, to which it shows him in Lannister armour, so maybe he finally becomes the rightful ruler of Casterly Rock?

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