Isaac Hempstead Wright: ‘Expect Lots of Magic’ From Bran Stark

bran magicFrom a handsome young kid to a cripple to being a greenseer & a warg, Bran Stark has come a long way in Game of Thrones. And if the season 6 trailer is any indication, there is a lot more in store for Isaac Hempstead Wright’s character.

Speaking to Yahoo Singapore, the 16-year old English actor gave us an insight into what to expect from Bran in Season 6, joking that his ‘extraordinary’ abilities may even result in an ‘earthquake’ in Westeros:

“Particularly this season, he’s almost read the script. He knows what’s going on all around the world. So this year, I kind of approached it as if Bran had just watched the show the whole time. When we meet Bran in season 6, he’s still got a lot of learning to do, but expect lots of magic.”

Hempstead Wright also spoke about Hodor’s back pain after carrying him around all those years, possibly revealing a minor spoiler in the process. Check out the interview below:

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