New GOT Season 6 Promo Is Here & Is Slightly Different From The Leaked Version

Game of Thrones Season 6 promo brienne killsAfter it was leaked 2 days back, HBO has finally released the new season 6 promo on Game of Thrones’ official YouTube channel. However, there’s a slight difference between the two. At 0:14, we see Theon and looks like he is captured by Bolton guards. However in the leaked promo, at 0:14 we have Brienne charging on her horse [see above pic] as she tries to kill a group of soldiers and is being watched by someone (Theon or Podrick most likely).

Game of Thrones Season 6- March Madness Promo nights kingNot sure why HBO decided to cut that but they added the above shot of Night’s King at 0:21 which was not present in the leaked promo [instead it shows the earlier revealed shot of two ladies kissing from┬áthe original trailer].

Here is the official promo:

And here is the leaked version:

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