Natalie Dormer: ‘Don’t Watch Game of Thrones’ If You Can’t Handle It

margarey tommenIf you find Game of Thrones too violent and/or too sexual & it upsets you, here is a simple solution by Natalie Dormer: Stop Watching! The 34-year old English actress, who plays Margaery Tyrell on the show, told Sunday Times that people having problem with the show shouldn’t watch it, if they can’t handle its routine themes like sex, nudity, throat slitting, child-killing, rape, incest, mass murder etc.

“I find parts of the show difficult to watch, but I don’t think we do young people any favours by sheltering them. All I know is that I turn on the news, and it’s covering a boy drowning off the coast, or children being shown beheading videos. The horror of human nature is prevalent in our world, and I appreciate that some people want to turn on the telly (television) for escapism — but if that’s what you want, don’t watch Game of Thrones.”

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