Game of Thrones Rolling Stone Photoshoot

got rolling stone


      1. well we do know, She whispered it. Why the fuck who he ‘rape’ her and its not his..

      2. His father is Dany’s eldest brother, Rhaegar.

        That makes her his aunt. If anyone paid attention to the entire setup to the Tower of Joy, they would have known that already.

      3. Do u want to say that the mad king was not in his capital roasting Lord Stark.

        And was actually in For me at the tower of joy where Lyanna and Rhaegar were holed up for months.

        Since her Kidnap to the end of war after which Ned found the tower of joy.

    1. Aunt-Nephew kissing is totally nothing among Targaryens. Their ancestors (and even Daenerys’ father!) has been marrying sisters’brothers to keep their bloodlines pure, so there’s that. It’s totally normal for them.

  1. Yes to Jon-Dany!!! 🙂 I’m really hoping they meet soon and marry thereafter!
    #incest #targaryens

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