Heartwarming Story of Tyrion Pittister Who Now Has a Loving Home, Thanks to Ian Somerhalder

tyrion pittister ian somerhalderAptly named after the often misunderstood Game of Thrones character Tyrion Lannister- Tyrion Pittister had to overcome a life of pain, cruelty and misery to get to where he’s today. The tough dog has survived the hardships and it has finally paid off- Tyrion now has a loving home.

tyrion pittister peter dinklageTyrion was rescued from a dogfighting operation by Humane Society in 2014 and was first taken in by the Pittsburgh based Hello Bully rescue group. In 2015, he was chosen as the first granted animal for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. Set up by the Vampire Diaries actor, the foundation aims to stop animal cruelty, help No-Kill animal shelters, support green energy development and create awareness among people that it is important to protect our planet & its creatures.

The Pit Bull had damaged his face seriously and was suffering with respiratory difficulties, when he was rescued in 2014. The injuries were so bad that doctors had to postpone surgery several times due to complications but Tyrion finally managed to get the procedure done, which helped him with his breathing.

Tyrion Pittister injuries
Tyrion at the time of his rescue

Tyrion is described as ‘a sweet, snuggly, goofy little boy’ who loves to chew on nylabones, does enrichment activities and eats pupsicles by Hello Bully’s Facebook page. He likes to run around in the play yard chasing tennis ball with his signature snort! His favorite activity- snuggling with humans on the couch.

With the selfless dedication of the volunteers and the organizations that helped with Tyrion’s rescue, medical care and rehabilitation, this adorable dog is now finally adopted. Ian Somerhalder concludes Tyrion’s story quite brilliantly on his facebook page:

“His family loves the Pit Bull breed and Tyrion will continue to advocate against dog fighting and against breed prejudice.”

tyrion pittister homeIf you’d like to help dogs like Tyrion, you can visit the following links.

Donate to Hello Bully- http://www.hellobully.org/

Ian Somerhalder Foundation – http://www.isfoundation.com/

Like Tyrion Pittister On Facebook – http://on.fb.me/1PbrRq6

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