Sophie Turner: ‘Being A Mutant Ain’t Easy’

sophie turner jean grey x-menX-Men Apocalypse features various younger versions of superheroes we love, with Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner being the most important new recruit as telepath Jean Grey.

She tells Digital Spy:

“My Jean is definitely struggling with her powers, and coming to terms with just how powerful she can be. It alienates her a bit, so she’s going through that along with all the hormones and the boys and the stuff that every teenager goes through. Being a mutant ain’t easy.”

Turner also revealed that she is yet to meet the original Jean Grey- Famke Janssen, but they have communicated via email:

“I told her how much I loved her portrayal of Jean and how beautiful it was, even as Phoenix, how balletic and elegant it was. And she just told me, know the character, know your stuff, put your own spin on it. She seemed to have faith in me.”

The 19-year old actress also spoke about Jean’s relationship with James McAvoy’s Xavier, who has overcome depression and alcoholism to become the Professor X we know- a mentor and a teacher to young mutants.

“Xavier has this thing – not a sexual thing – for these young vulnerable girls who feel alienated and uncomfortable in their own skin. For Jean, he’s like a father figure. They have this unspoken bond because he’s telepathic as well, so he’s gone through the same things.”

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