Bryan Singer: ‘X-Men Are Like Game of Thrones’ Characters’

bryan singer xmen apocalypseBryan Singer thinks X-Men and Game of Thrones’ characters are very similar. Speaking to Yahoo Movies, the director admitted to being a huge GOT fan and thinks that the characters from his film are similar to the ones appearing in HBO’s hit fantasy series:

“I’m a huge Game Of Thrones fan. There’s a crossover between ‘X-Men’ and ‘Game Of Thrones’, they’re both about a younger generation finding their powers, finding out who they are, and what their place in the world is. I like how the show’s about different groups of people moving towards a common goal. They don’t even know if that’s the right goal, who wants to sit on that uncomfortable throne? I don’t! Everyone in King’s Landing is miserable. But for some reason they want that power.”

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