Pilou Asbæk: ‘There’s No One Like Euron’

euron greyjoy pilou asbaekPilou Asbæk, one of season six’s most important additions, is excited to play Euron Greyjoy. Though he was quite careful and didn’t reveal any spoilers, Asbæk did claim that “there is no one like Euron Greyjoy”, hinting that he may be the next big baddie on the show. The actor also shared his excitement over the role and what it means to be part of something like Game of Thrones.

“When I came home that night (when his casting was leaked), there was like two-hundred calls and two-hundred unanswered text messages and stuff like that. That was quite intense, I’ll tell you that.”

He adds:

“It (Game of Thrones) is one of the best TV shows in the world. All the characters are spectacular and all the stories are so good. I’m happy and proud to be a part of it.”

Pilou Asbæk was interviewed by IGN. You can watch the video below.


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