Game of Thrones Fans In Cumbria Petition For County’s Name Change To Winterfell

Sizergh Castle winterfell
Sizergh Castle in Cumbria (L) and Winterfell from The World of Ice and Fire (R)

A Game of Thrones fan in Cumbria, UK wants its name changed to Winterfell, the former seat of House Stark, and she has given some solid reasons to why the county should be renamed. Here is what the petition says.

I believe that Winterfell should be the official name of the county of Cumbria. And here are some of my reasons why;

North of the Wall is Scotland
The Wall is Hadrian’s wall
Winterfell is always cold, windy, rainy and snowy as is Cumbria
Winterfell is the north and on the border with north of the wall, as is Cumbria with Scotland
The Fells in Cumbria – winterFELL
I think I make my case quite clearly. And George R. R. Martin DID base his map of Westeros on the map of the UK, and the books on our history. Sort of.

The petition already has 362 signatures at the time of writing this article and is aiming for 100,000! Though it is highly unlikely that an online petition like this can get a county’s name changed, it will be quite interesting to see how many signatures this ends up getting. You can view the petition here.


  1. Okay I started this as a joke I don’t expect it to happen xD

    Also I am a she not a he. Please change that…

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