ABC Wants Its Lusty Biblical Series To Be Like Game Of Thrones

Of Kings and Prophets GOTOf Kings and Prophets, ABC’s upcoming biblical series wants to be like HBO’s Game of Thrones. Speaking to reporters at Television Critics Association’s press tour, executive producers Chris Brancato and Reza Aslan couldn’t help but reference GOT repeatedly.

What’s the period epic like?

“It’s suspenseful. It’s extraordinarily violent. It’s sexual. And it’s a power struggle between two men. We don’t view this as a revisionist history nor do we view it as a literal translation. We’ve sought to make the show modern. This is a non-dragon version of Game of Thrones.”

How big is the crew?

“We have as many as on Game of Thrones.”

Why was the pilot reworked?

“Game of Thrones tossed out its original pilot and started again, and we guess for much the same reason.”

The need for a lusty, flawed and sexy King David (Olly Rix)?

“When you’re talking about David, you’re talking about a man who is revered by almost half the population of this planet. He is the model of kingship. He’s not Israel’s first king, but…He’s the world’s first rock star. This is a man whose songs that he wrote 3000 years ago, we are still singing today. He’s called ‘messiah’ in the Bible. His blood courses through the veins of Jesus Christ. And yet — and I think this is what makes him so fascinating — he’s deeply flawed. He’s vain. He’s vengeful. He’s lustful. He kills his friends and betrays his wives, and he had a lot of wives. But he also loves God and God loves him. In fact he’s the only character in the entire Bible that God gives a nickname to. God calls him ‘The Beloved.’ And I think it’s precisely that complexity of his character that will draw audiences to him, whether it’s a faith-based audience or not.”

Will the sex scene in Pilot sent to reporters make the final cut?

“They’re really pushing the limits. We have high hopes.”

Of Kings and Prophets is based on the Biblical Books of Samuel and was originally scheduled to air in fall 2015 but was pushed back to March 8, 2016 due to creative changes. You can check the trailer below.

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