Today’s Youth Knows More About Game of Thrones Than History, Survey Claims

joffrey haroldYoung people (age group 24-35) in the United Kingdom know more about the characters in Game of Thrones than those who fought for England’s crown in 1066, a new survey has found.

In an English Heritage poll, 34% picked Battle of Hastings (1066) as the country’s most famous date. 8% chose 1945 (end of second World War).

english history vs gotOnly 15 and 17 percent knew Harold Godwinson- the last Anglo-Saxon king of England and Edward the Confessor- whose death promoted the Battle of Hastings, respectively. However, the survey group did better in identifying characters from Game of Thrones, as 23% could identify Joffrey Baratheon and his uncle Stannis while 22% knew about Daenerys Targaryen.

According to Jeremy Ashbee from English Heritage:

“1066 saw four claimants for one throne and three battles, including a decisive one outside Hastings. For drama, it equals anything in Game of Thrones.”


  1. I cant seem to recall Edward the Confessor getting prime time TV, Billboards or being in a globally succesful TV Series. Maybe he needs better PR.

  2. Step-uncle, Joffrey isn’t really Stannis’ nephew, thus despite what D&D and Brienne say Stannis is the rightful King.

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