Natalie Dormer: Treatment of Women on Game of Thrones is ‘Brave’ and ‘Bold Writing’

women got season 5Game of Thrones caused quite a furor online during season 5 with Sansa’s off-screen rape, which sadistic Ramsay forced Theon to watch as well as Cerise’s walk of shame, when she was stripped naked and publicly shamed for her crimes, while she walked from Great Sept of Baelor to the Red Keep.

Natalie Dormer (Margaery) has called such type of writing ‘bold’ and ‘brave’, irrespective of whether the fans like it or not.

“It’s brave writing. It’s bold writing, whether you agree or disagree with the choices that are made. The redeeming feature you can credit it with is at least it’s brave. And I think there’s a lot of writing out there that plays it safe and doesn’t challenge its audience. And audiences are more sophisticated than Hollywood gives them credit for. And that’s one thing you have to give credit to Thrones, they understand that their audience is sophisticated and can process contradictions and controversy.”

It might be brave writing but the fact that Sansa’s Winterfell visit, marriage to Ramsay and eventual rape never happened in the books had fans wondering if the creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss Fans have taken too much creative liberty with the source material. Fans were also concerned if George R.R. Martin, the original creator of A Song of Ice and Fire novels and universe, approve of these changes or not. Dormer however, insisted that GRRM is still very much involved with what’s happening on the show.

“They’re not completely absent of George’s influence because George is a producer on the show, and they all had a pow-wow a couple of years ago. They know where it’s got to go and what George’s intentions for the characters are. But they are just filling in the gaps.”

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