Why Kit Harington Avoids Busses?


Kit Harington aka Jon Snow started avoiding busses when his movie – Pompeii’s promotional poster was released because it began appearing on the sides of busses.

“I used to love to catch the bus, and I couldn’t catch them for months because of the fear that I might be sitting above my own head on the side of the bus.

They even had to stop shooting because the buses kept passing by with that picture of him.

He told Vulture: “I was half naked on a bus the whole time we were shooting because of the ‘Pompeii’ poster. Every two seconds, we would have to call, ‘Cut!’ because there was some bus with the ‘Pompeii’ poster going across in the background. The first time, it was funny, but then after that, it just became really tedious.”

It’s not so easy dealing with fame now, is it?

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