Natalie Dormer: Margaery is Getting a “New Sparring Partner”

margaery jailNatalie Dormer was recently interviewed by TIME magazine, where she revealed more details on her character Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones season 6:

“The beauty of Game of Thrones is it’s always making these unlikely pairings from one season to the next. We all, season to season, get thrown in with a new sparring partner. And I’ve actually had a new sparring partner this season because Margaery is in jail and Cersei, obviously, after the walk of shame got back into the Keep.”

Dormer also revealed that she likes to keep herself out of loop when it comes to other characters’ storylines:

“It’s been fun to gossip and speculate in the makeup trailer. Quite a few of us—and I’m kind of proud of the fact that I was one of the ones who started doing this about two or three years ago—stopped reading other characters’ storylines. We get all 10 scripts at the beginning of the season, but I chose not to read what wasn’t Margaery or King’s Landing storyline because that way I get to watch the show as it airs in real-time with the fans. I watched the first season as a fan before I was attached to it. So just like everybody else I was like, ‘Woah what’s this? They just killed the lead guy at the end of season one. How brave, how bold.’”

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