Kit Harington: It’s ‘Rude’ to Take Photos Without Permission

kit harington leaked spottedBefore season 6 aired, Game of Thrones fans had 1 major question- Is Jon Snow alive? If he’s dead, is he coming back? How will it happen? Everywhere he goes, whether it’s the set of Game of Thrones or just strolling on the streets of Belfast, people take out their smartphones and take a quick snap of him. Then the photo makes it to the social media and the press, with various posts and articles analyzing his hair, attire etc.

Harington was interviewed by Vulture recently where he spoke at length on how he feels about these paparazzi shots of him that keep making the rounds on the Internet:

“Do I think people taking photos of you without your permission is rude? Of course I do. I deal with it a lot. There’s a lot of camera phones being pointed at me in not such a subtle manner. And a lot of my friends who are actors, and myself, we get angry about it. It’s incredibly rude behavior. It’s one thing to ask someone for a photo and give them the chance to say yes or no, and hopefully they say yes. But to take photos of me without permission, it is an invasion of privacy. I do call people out on that. Most of the time it’s just people maybe getting overly excited that they’ve seen someone they recognize, and it’s completely innocent. If I’m on the street, and I see something interesting, I might think, Oh, wow! I’ll take a photo of that. But then I stop myself because I know how it feels. We need new etiquette rules to deal with all our new technology.”

He was also asked about the “rules”, he’d suggest to keep all these leaked pictures in check:

“Well, I don’t believe in public shaming, either. I don’t believe people need to be shamed about these things. They just need to stop and take stock of what they’re photographing. Is it an actor, a musician, or just someone on the street who’s acting oddly? There’s a feeling that you should know, that you should be empathetic to how it feels to other people to be watched or photographed. If you wouldn’t like it yourself, then don’t do it to other people. Be more polite, generally. Because I can tell you, it’s very uncomfortable being photographed all the time without your permission. So I would ask people not to do that … to anyone.”


  1. I say its all right being a Christian or off another faith and off even no faith at all, but sometimes really most times all we all need is GOOD Manners in the world

    1. As much as I truly like GOT & the various actor in the series … I think that what Kit is saying .. is rude in itself 😐😐 . Once you know that you have become a famous actor of one of the most popular shows on right now .. then you should automatically know that you have also become a PUBLIC FIGURE .. that being said .. if you are in “Public” then there is NO EXPECTATION of “Privacy” .. not to mention that Not all people taking pictures of you “subtly” are paparazzi .. they are the folks that watch GOT .. your FANS .. you getting upset is way more rude than they are for taking the picture Of a Actor out in public .. food for thought

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