6 Game of Thrones Quotes Which Prove That Barristan Selmy’s Death Was A Major Blunder

Game of Thrones decided to kill one of the best fighters in Westeros- Ser Barristan Selmy in Season 5, which didn’t go well with many fans, especially when Barristan the Bold is very much alive in the books. Fans were also angry at the way show portrayed his death at the hands of Sons of the Harpy in a fight which Grey Worm, a comparatively less skilled fighter, ironically survived.

Ian McElhinney, who played the role, has also expressed his disappointment over the treatment of the character on the show. We bring you 6 quotes from Game of Thrones, which prove that Barristan Selmy didn’t deserve to die the way he did on the show.barrsitan selmy death blunder


  1. Barristan Selmy was a legendary fighter. He didn’t deserve such a petty and pathetic death, but perhaps that is why they took him from us. He was a forged man of righteousness and we love that in a character. Men of honour are few and come on, no one would really have mourned Grey Worm. Damn you Weiss and Benioff!

      1. Not on the level of ser Barristan the bold. With all due respect, grey worm couldn’t hold Barristans cod piece. Grey worm is respected by his peers. But Barristan single handedly scaled the walls of duskendale, got to the dungeon freed the King, fought his way to the courtyard freed the King all 007 style. That just one of his exploits.

      1. i dont watch the show and i did not complain get your facts right and then comment in this manner

  2. There was 10 to 1 odds for him, and I know no one who could fight these kinds of odds. He did how ever die in combat protecting his queen, in an honorable way, so I have to disagree.

    1. Actually you can . The people he fought were tv villian who have no moral or fear . Or a lot of skill , he really should have cut them all to ribbons .

  3. All the arguments against his death are valid, but the fact that it happens in a confined space is never mentioned. This negated his strengths in battle did it not ?

  4. Did the author see Sir Barristan in combat before???? May be his acts were just myth. We know now that not even Ned Stark could guard his honor….

    1. Barristan slipped into Duskendale during a siege and singlehandedly freed a captive King Aerys and got him out of the city. And that’s just one of the stunts that Ser Barristan the Bold pulled over his long career. No way he gets taken out the way that he did. Furthermore it was bad for the show. If he had been Queens hand instead of Tyrion, it might have given Tyrion someone to push up against and made the Mereen stuff this season a lot more interesting than just Tyrion awkwardly trying to get to know his coworkers.

  5. I think, actually, that the only way to kill a brave fighter like him was taking him from behind. Also, he was old, so maybe when he said “even now […] cake” was probably a bluff.

  6. being good in combat doesn’t mean someone can defend himself from assasins, and that backstab was an assasin move (even if the man wasn’t one). Being killed by an assasin is not a rear ting for good fighters. It is suicide to face him, but to kill him outside of combat is not.

  7. I expected few more scenes in which Dany learns more about Rhaegar Targaryen from Ser Barriston Selmy. There were only 2 scenes(as far as I remember) in which he talked about Rhaegar Targaryen. one in which he tells about people rallying behind Rhaegar because they believed in him and other one about singing in disguise. He should have told more about Rhaegar Targaryen to Dany as he was close to him

  8. Didn’t he still kill a lot of the Sons of the Harpie before he went down? I didn’t actually count, but it seemed he and Grey Worm were understandably overwhelmed.

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