Game Of Thrones: Who Will Be The New Lord Commander?

new lord commanderWe have some information regarding the scenes that were filmed at Castle Black for Season 6.

** Spoilers and speculation beyond this point. **

It seems that Jon Snow is no longer the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch as Kit Harington was not present on the set, which makes sense as his death means that ‘his watch is ended’ and he is now free to pursue other important matters- most likely reclaiming the North from the Boltons.

It is also being reported that the new Lord Commander is a well known character who has been with us for many seasons. Alliser Thorne, who led the mutiny against Jon Snow, seems to be the most likely choice. Eddison Tollett and Othell Yarwyck are also potential candidates for the post.

Though unlikely, it is possible that another well known character may be sent to the Wall and becomes Lord Commander, which can make things very interesting. Jaime Lannister, maybe? If he is found guilty of incest, he may decide to join the Watch as a way to avoid punishment. But it does seem bit of a stretch- joining Night’s Watch and becoming their leader in the same season.

Davos Seaworth is another possibility but again, very unlikely. At the end of A Dance with Dragons, he was headed to the infamous island of Skagos to retrieve Rickon. In the show, Bran asked Rickon to go to Last Hearth, the seat of House Umber and there have been reports which suggest that the Umbers have allied with the Boltons. Therefore, it is possible that Davos’ storyline in Season 6 will see him heading to Last Hearth in an attempt to rescue Rickon.

Also, there is a possibility of 2 new Lord Commanders in the upcoming season. There must be a reason to why George R.R. Martin decided to make Jon Snow 998th. He may have planned Alliser Thorne to be 999th and someone very important to become the 1000th.

Or maybe there will never be a 1000th Lord Commander. With White Walker army growing in strength, they might breach the wall soon and take over Castle Black. Not to forget that Night’s King was also the 13th Lord Commander and ruled for many years, committing horrific atrocities, until he was brought down by legendary kings- Brandon the Breaker and Joramun. Therefore, it makes sense for Night’s King to want to reclaim what was taken away from him, thousands of years ago.

What do you think readers? Who will be new Lord Commander? Or will there be 2 next season? Do let us know in comments.

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