Carice Van Houten Interview: Something ‘Quite Spectacular’ Is Coming

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melisandre seduces jon snowAfter the events of Game of Thrones Season 5, which ended with Jon Snow’s murder by the men of Night’s Watch, fans are hoping Melisandre to play a key role in the upcoming season. We last saw her abandoning Stannis and arriving at Castle Black, just before the brothers of the Watch decided they have had enough of the bastard.

Carice Van Houten, whose character is largely expected to resurrect Jon Snow in Season 6, spoke to The New Daily about Melisandre’s appearance in Season 5 finale and what’s in store for her next season:

“You’ve seen her clock Jon Snow, which is a great ending because you think, ‘Uh oh, what’s going to happen there?’ You feel that she is concentrating more and more towards Jon Snow… there are slight hints that something’s going to happen. I was doing ADR (Automated dialogue replacement) the other day and then the producer was there and he was saying something that I’ve heard before, which is quite spectacular, for next year, which I really can’t say anything about.”

Thanks to her convincing role as ‘The Red Woman’, whose favorite pastime is to sacrifice people as offerings to the Lord of Light, Van Houten has had her fair share of internet haters and spoke about how she deals with them:

“Some people really hate me, but I think they like to hate me, which is nice. What’s great to do is when someone is mean – and there’s ugly stuff on the internet sometimes – I tend to not go into it that much, but sometimes I like to threaten them with a shadow baby. It always works.”

got vfxThe beautiful and amazingly talented Dutch actress also talked about the ‘amazing’ sets that she gets to work on for the show:

“There’s a lot of stuff in the studio, but there’s also stuff in the field… It’s a beautiful set. It feels like something that was built hundreds of years ago, but it’s just a set. It’s unbelievable, You see The Wall, and they have just a cliff, and it’s painted white, for big parts of it. The sets are amazing, I have to say. They’re unbelievable.”


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