Review: Game of Thrones Iron Throne Blonde Ale

iron throne beerIron Throne Blonde Ale was one of the first GOT inspired beers from Ommegang Brewery and it was recently brought back to shelves due to popular demand. Dylan Gonzalez of Bleeding Cool, a known beer enthusiast,¬†reviewed the beer yesterday and described the beer as ” a long lasting, frothy head, about two inches thick at the most”. He adds that the beer has scents of bread and yeast along with light lemon peel and banana.

“I found lemon peel to be the most predominant flavor in the Iron Throne. The beer was made with grains of paradise to add pepperiness to it, but I did not find any bites of pepper while drinking it. It also had a grassy character to it with a bit of banana in the finish. It was light on the palate and easy to drink.”

Gonzales, though happy to have the beer in his Game of Thrones collection, concludes by saying that the beer wasn’t something that blew him away.

“It was fine enough to drink, but it did not boast the flavor profiles of some of the other beers produced by Ommegang so far.”

Iron Throne Blonde Ale by Ommegang is a Belgian Pale Ale with 6.50% ABV and has an impressive scores of 86 and 94 on BeerAdvocate and RateBeer respectively. Have you tried any Game of Thrones Inspired Beers? Do let us know your experience in comments.

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