Bryan Cranston Breaks Down: “I Saw My Daughter’s Face Instead of Jane’s”

On the James Lipton-hosted Bravo show, Bryan Cranston AKA Heisenberg watches the infamous scene in which he decides not to save Jesse Pinkman’s girlfriend Jane and lets her choke on her own vomit to death. He says that this scene was really hard to shoot.

“What civilians don’t understand, that we do, is that actors need to be willing to pay a price for it — it’s an emotional price that you need to be willing to pay.”

jane death bbHe breaks down in tears while telling Lipton that he saw the face of his daughter Taylor Dearden while doing it.

“At one point, I saw my daughter’s face instead of hers, and that was the moment that it choked me up, and it was like, ‘Oh, my God,'” continues Cranston “And I guess that’s why I closed my eyes — I’m not sure. You don’t remember the specifics because you’re there.”

“Then, the picture of my daughter went away, and now I was trying to get some control back,” Cranston says.

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