Game of Thrones Characters: First Scene Vs. Death Scene [Till Season 5]

Vimeo user Fernando Andrés has created this amazing comparison of Game of Thrones characters- First time we saw them vs. Their death scene. He writes:

Game of Thrones is my favorite series currently on the air. Its sprawling, merciless universe is peppered with characters upon characters, many of whom we have said goodbye to by this point in the show. I began to notice how while some characters did not last very long, there were others that when met with their demise had shown a great deal of physical and emotional change. And so, I took the very first shots in which we see these characters introduced to the show (their first close-up shots, that is) and juxtaposed it with their very last close-up shot — many of which show them meeting a very brutal end. The result is a strangely hypnotic way of understanding how Game of Thrones looks at how no matter our nobility or our wealth, we all die the same.

You can watch the video below.


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