GRRM Has 90 Days To Finish Winds of Winter If He Wants It Out Before Season 6

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grrm season 6 got twowNow that we have confirmation that Game of Thrones (GOT) Season 6 will not be delayed till May, fans of the show are rejoicing everywhere but there is a certain segment of the fans who were secretly hoping that the upcoming season gets delayed- the book readers. Not because they have anything against the show, it is just that if Season 6 does premiere before The Winds of Winter (TWOW), it will include all the major plots from the sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF) series which will be a massive disappointment for them.

Just think like a fan of the books if you’re not one. They knew about Jon Snow in 2011. And they have been patiently waiting for a long time now to find out the fate of Lord Commander who was betrayed by the men of Night’s watch. Now there are fans of the show, which premiered the same year as the last book and only six months back they got that same shock from the finale of season 5, which ASOIAF fans received from A Dance With Dragons (ADWD), over 4 years ago. And in all likelihood, they will be the first ones to know how Jon Snow comes back to life, his parentage and many other secrets that the book readers are hoping to be unveiled in TWOW.

The possible delay would have given them hope that it is due to HBO giving George R.R. Martin (GRRM) more time to complete the next book. Since that’s no longer the case, fans are now analyzing how much time does Martin have if he still plans to release TWOW before season 6. Considering that the network’s new drama Vinyl will end on April 10, new season of GOT can either premiere on April 17 or 24.

FiveThiryEightLife got in touch with one of the well known analyzers of Martin’s work and writing pace- BryndenBFish (Jeff), who is quite sure that TWOW will not be out before late 2016/early 2017. This is what he said about the next book and how much time does GRRM have to get it published before the upcoming season.

“While the average turnaround time for a book to go from ‘manuscript submission’ to ‘published and on the shelves’ usually ranges from four to six months, Random House hustled and published ‘A Dance with Dragons’ seven weeks after they received the final manuscript.”

Assuming the premiere date as April 24 and an accelerated production schedule like ADWD, Jeff reckons that GRRM must submit TWOW by February 23, if it were to hit shelves before season 6 premiere. He adds:

“He’s going to have to submit something in 90 days or it’s likely he won’t publish in time.”



  1. Just think like a fan of the book? Ok, I’ll go around posting spoilers about what happens in the future so that they can’t enjoy the pleasure of experiencing the story fresh when they read the next book, you know, like they’ve done with the TV series… Not really, cause I’m not a fat, autistic, pathetic loser who has to shit on the fun of others out of spite

    1. Wooooah, angry much? As a reader, I resent that statement that we are all fat, autistic, pathetic losers….but sorry you had people ruin the series for you! I tried to never give away spoilers but it was HARD!

      1. Well my statements aren’t really aimed at ALL of the book readers, really just the cunts who read the books and then spoiled the TV series, oh well not going to happen anymore is t?

      2. Yep, totally what I said, it’s not like my comment was directed at people who read the books and then went on to ruin the TV show for others, although of course you’d be offended by me slagging that group off, since you’re obviously a part of it and you won;t be able to do it any more since the TV series is going ahead of the books next year, enjoy not being able to ruin the story =)

    2. I know plenty of people with autism that are leaps and bounds above you in intelligence and manners. Let’s just leave out the autistic part and call you the fat pathetic loser you are.

      1. Ah, I see I’ve offended you cause you’re a stupid, fat, autistic, idiotic cunt, hey here’s a suggestion for next time: don’t spoil plot points just because people haven’t read a book that you have, get a life and let people enjoy watching the TV series fresh as opposed to you spoiling it for them… Oh wait that’s right you can’t spoil any more of the future events because the TV series has caught up with the book, you can fuck off and cry now about how you can’t ruin GOT any more for non book readers =)

      2. What an elegant and intelligent argument you put forward. Perhaps if you read more rather than being spoon fed story lines, then you would realise that life isn’t about a TV show.

  2. “f Season 6 does premiere before The Winds of Winter (TWOW), it will include all the major plots from the sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire” – No it won’t – there are huge swathes that have not been covered yet.

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