Telltale Confirms Game of Thrones Season 2

telltale gotTelltale CEO has confirmed that the Game of Thrones video game will in fact have a second season. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Burner said this about the upcoming season of the game:

“We’ve been planning the second season all along but I really shouldn’t be revealing more than that.┬áIt’s not unusual for our games to exist longer on whiteboards and sticky notes and in scripts longer than they do in traditional game production. It’s incredibly similar to how TV often spends so much time in preproduction and planning before moving into actually shooting. It’s from then on that we take the live development aspect into play, observing the audience and their feedback as we’re able to adjust and build upon the experience along the way. While we cannot say exactly how far along season two is right now, we can say that there’s never a shortage of sticky notes on the walls around the studio.”

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