Game Of Thrones Season 6: New Major Spoilers From Winterfell

winterfell season 6 spoilersReliable Game of Thrones fansite Watchers on the Wall has this scoop for you which involves a scene in Winterfell featuring some of the major characters of the show. Here are the exact details from their website:

** Spoiler Alert **

According to WotW‘s sources, a scene was rehearsed and is being filmed this week involving Sansa, Jon Snow, Ramsay and Littlefinger.

The characters are interacting in Winterfell’s courtyard, and there’s a great deal of tension…

And then a giant turns up at the gates! The giant tries to force its way in and the people inside have to fight it off.

There’s no word yet on which giant it was- have more of them than Wun Wun come south in season 6? We also don’t know what episode this scene is for or who is directing it. I’d love to know that, to develop more of a timeline, but unfortunately that info hasn’t come to us yet.

If I have to guess, this most likely is about a pre-battle talk between Boltons and the Starks, trying to work things out peacefully in order to avoid a bloodbath.  But, as we know, Boltons are not the ones who like to talk things out.. they only know one way and that’s flaying their enemies. So mebbe the talks go bad and the giants come down in rescue of the Starks? What do you think? Do let us know in comments.

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