Kit Harington On His Hair: “I Can Chop It Off Right Now”

kit haringtonKit Harington is in a weird situation right now. First, he wasn’t allowed to cut his hair but admitted that he always wanted to. After Jon Snow’s “death” in Season 5, he hasn’t cut his hair, but now he can’t admit that he isn’t allowed to do so. And now the poor guy is going around boasting that he can actually cut his hair “right now”, implying that it’s his personal choice. Looks like he is going to regret his earlier admission of not liking his long hair for some time.

Speaking to ET, Harington responded rather abruptly when asked about his gorgeous hair and why he hasn’t cut them:

“I can chop it off right now.”

He also tried to convince that since he is no longer part of Game of Thrones, he did MI- 5 (also known as Spooks: The Greater Good) in order to avoid typecasting.

“I’d just come off doing Thrones and Pompeii. I think by that point I could feel myself getting a little boxed into one category, so I said, ‘Let’s just do something in the 21st century, please’.”

Oh dear Kit, please stop trying to convince us when all the leaks and spoilers suggest otherwise. You clearly know nothing!

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