Ian McShane Is “Bringing Somebody Back That You Think You’re Never Going to See Again”

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ian mcshane hound stoneheart jon snowIan McShane was one of the bigger names to join Game of Thrones this year and many speculated that the Pirates of the Caribbean star might be playing Randyll Tarly or Aeron Greyjoy. However, those speculations were put to rest when it was revealed that his character will not have much screen time but his role will be extremely important. Speaking to Pop Goes The News, McShane said that his role is for “a one-off episode”, which is why he accepted the role in the first place. He added:

“But I can’t reveal anything, otherwise I will never work again. I am responsible for bringing somebody back that you think you’re never going to see again. I’ll leave it at that.”

** Speculation and Spoilers beyond this point **

This statement by the Deadwood star is huge and of course Jon Snow immediately comes to mind. But most likely, this is not the answer. An actor of McShane’s stature wouldn’t be so naive to give away one of the biggest cliffhangers in television history. He also mentions that the character he is bringing back  is someone that we ‘never’ thought will see again.

At this point, most of the fans are pretty sure that Jon Snow will be back. He has been spotted multiple times in Belfast as well as filming on the set with his gorgeous hair intact and his coming back to life is on course to become one of the worst kept secrets in history of television. Only question is how and that we are glad is still a mystery. And with resurrection by Melisandre and Ghost warging theories being the favorites, it seems quite unlikely that McShane’s new character will have any role in bringing Jon Snow back.

Another character (and most likely) that comes to mind is The Hound. Rory McCann has been spotted in Belfast and therefore expected to be back next season. Fans have also speculated that Mcshane will play a role similar to Septon Meribald and the Elder Brother (A feast for Crows), both of whom are widely believed to have had a role in rescuing Sandor Clegane. One thing that goes against this argument is that Hound’s death wasn’t shown on-screen (in fact he was alive when we last saw him) and therefore he really doesn’t fall into “we thought we will never see again” category. Maybe McShane is exaggerating. We will see.

This brings us to our third character- the fan favorite and most hyped Lady Stoneheart, the resurrected version of Catelyn Stark. There have been many rumours of Michelle Fairley being in Belfast over the last few months but these have not been confirmed and she hasn’t been spotted on the set either. Though she does fall into “we thought we will never see again” category, especially when showrunners have continuously insisted that she won’t be part of the show. But isn’t it too late now to bring back someone who died 3 seasons ago? Even if she does come back, Lord Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer) should be the one responsible for it- the way it happened in the books, not a new character.

What do you think? Jon Snow, Hound or Stoneheart or maybe someone else entirely? Do let us know in comments.



  1. I thnk you’re discounting the possibility of a flashback episode focusing on the rebellion. There are a lot of possibilities there.

  2. We haven’t seen Beric in a long time and every time he dies he’s a bit less himself and physically changing and looking older and older. The Mountain changed actors pretty much every season or nearly so, and Beric also has a different actor between seasons 1 and 3 already, so I wouldn’t put it past them to have Ian play Beric. The one I tend to believe in, though, is definitely Meribald or an equivalent character.

  3. The first name came into my mind whom I didn’t expect to be seen is BENJEN STARK.
    He is not dead….and just disappeared in season 1.
    Now that the night watchers are parted wrt the actions of John Snow…and all respectful lords are no more….and above all, considering John’s probable return to winterfell, there has to be someone to lead nightwatchers.
    No better replacement than BENJEN is present as of now.
    And of course, with four seasons past without him, no one really cares about his return, he is not at all in any scene.
    That makes him the most probable role according to Ian McShane.

  4. It’s going to be Eddard Stark….. If he’s playing the role of Randy Tarly, he might appear in the flashbacks…..

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