Game of Thrones: Wyman Manderly Is Coming?

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Wyman_Manderly_by_cabepfirNot much time is left before Game of Thrones ends filming for the upcoming season but 2 late casting notices suggest that the show might well be bringing a fan favorite character from the books- Wyman Manderly.

Here are the two casting notices, as reported by Watchers on the Wall:

“Boyce”: He’s a callow young nobleman in his 20’s who has been thrust into a position of power before he is ready. They’re looking for an actor using a Northern accent, and one who is physically fit, can play somewhat hot-headed and can look rugged.

“Fletcher”: He is a fat nobleman in his 60’s. He has distinctive rugged features, a Northern accent, and a distinguished air. Our source says he has a stirring speech during which he unexpectedly shifts political allegiances

Game of Thrones has used fake names regularly in the past when it comes to casting and these names do not feature in the books. Fans expect these to be the new Lord Cerwyn (Cley) and Wyman Manderly, the Stark allies in the North.

Ramsay Bolton flayed Medger Cerwyn in Season 5 for not paying his taxes. So “Boyce” could actually be a casting call for the new lord – young Cley Cerwyn, who was forced to watch his family getting flayed by Ramsay and wishes to avenge their death.

Second casting call is interesting. If “Fletcher” doesn’t turn out be Wyman Manderly, then we’re sure that the book readers will be disappointed. According to sources, both characters just have a day of filming, so it is safe to assume that the show won’t be doing the White Harbor plot. This is probably a streamlined version of Lord Manderly and both new characters may only feature in a meeting of Northern Lords, uniting against the Boltons to reclaim the north.

Wyman’s son Wendel Manderly was among the many casualties at the red wedding in Season 3 and therefore, it makes sense for the character wanting to avenge his son’s death. We only hope that we get to hear the impressive speech that he made in A Dance with Dragons.


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