“I Must Not Be Very Good in Bed” – Amanda Peet’s Reason To Why Her Husband Doesn’t Reveal Jon Snow’s Fate

amanda peet jon snowLike Jon Snow and millions of other Game of Thrones fans, Amanda Peet knows nothing and that is surprising- to say the least- because she is married to one of the creators of the show, David Benioff. Speaking to New York Daily News, Peet admitted that she is unable to make her husband reveal the fate of Jon Snow.

“I must not be very good in bed. I ask (my husband) the same question almost every day. I send him links to things on the Internet that I’ve read and seen and I’m like, ‘Send me evidence. Send me evidence where he’s talking or moving.'”

Peet also revealed that even though she has the luxury to watch Game of Thrones before everyone does on TV, she refrains from doing so because she “really enjoys being a fan.”

“Usually when he brings home dailies I try to push the angle of the computer so I can’t see what’s happening.If I catch a glimpse of something I get very angry at him. It’s a little bit like being married to someone who’s in the CIA. It’s not as important obviously.”

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