Hardhome Director Teases More White Walker Action in Season 6

Miguel Sapochnik, the director behind the epic White Walker episode Hardhome in Game of Thrones Season 5 posted this photo on Twitter.


The photo is of a clapperboard for season 6 finale which also says ‘White Walker Unit’ most likely referring to the crew that takes care of all the ‘Others’ action on the show. Fabian Wagner, the director of photography for Hardhome, also returns for the final episode. Sapochnik is already confirmed as the director for episodes 9 and 10 next season.

Sources have reported filming of a huge upcoming battle which many expect to be the ninth episode next season but they didn’t spot any white walkers or wights on the set, which could mean that the Season 6 finale may be the episode where we see them in action again. Whether it will be as huge as Hardhome remains to be seen, but we are definitely excited about the prospect of seeing more white walkers and wights next season.

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