‘Game of Thrones Will Have A Bittersweet Ending’

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George R.R. Martin was present at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism recently where he received Hall of Achievement alumni award and was also part of a sold-out discussion where he revealed that Game of Thrones/ASOIAF will have a bittersweet ending.

“I think you need to have some hope (referencing to the end). We all yearn for happy endings in a sense. Myself, I’m attracted to the bittersweet ending. People ask me how Game of Thrones is gonna end, and I’m not gonna tell them … but I always say to expect something bittersweet in the end, like [Lord of The Rings]. I think Tolkien did this brilliantly. I didn’t understand that when I was a kid — when I read Return of the King. His use of allegory to reveal life’s grittier truths (post-war Britain in late 1940s/early 1950s), even in the face of a well-earned victory is brilliant. You can’t just fulfill a quest and then pretend life is perfect. Life doesn’t work that way.”

Martin also revealed that he never thought that show would surpass the books but he isn’t too concerned.

“I’ve been hearing them come up behind me for years, and the question is, How can I make myself write faster? I think, by now, the answer is, I can’t. I write at the pace I write, and what the show is doing is not going to change what the books are. I started writing about these characters and this world in 1991, and we didn’t have the first meetings to create the show until 2008, so I got like a 17-year head start!



  1. Define bitter sweet. I think he is trying to say some one very important dies. To me that means Dany as Jaehaery (Jon Snow) has died once. Maybe her and Jon squares off, maybe Tyrion dies. It all sucks if it ends that way, as the King the rightful King is Jon Snow, I think we all know that, and I would not doubt Dany giving him as her nephew the kingdom. And herself going back to Meerean and marrying Daario, unless Johan kills him because he is in love with Dany. I hope like Heck Arya gets to kill the mountain and Cersei…Maybe they allow Jamie to live. Or does Arya get to Tyrion and kill him before anyone gets to tell her he is one of the good guys…I don’t know…But bittersweet just doesn’t sit well with me…

    1. We’re talking about a Tolkien fan… Probably is something towards the way of: They defeat the Night King and the living wins, but now they’re in a kingdom turned to ashes without ways of surviving and endebted, They’re happy because they’re alive but sad/empty because there’s nothing to fight for anymore.

    1. As long as Sandor gets to kill Gregor and no-one takes that away from him I’ll be happy… He deserves to be the one to get the satisfaction of killing him 😀

  2. Bitter sweet ending might be.

    Sweet ; winning the war against walkers
    bitter;end of stark family and killing of lovers- dany and jon will die (lovers) during the war, jamie will kill cersei

    and dany’s hidden family member will be tyrion ( son of mad king ) and he will sit on the iron chair at finally

  3. I like the idea of Jon sacrificing himself, and Dany (together with their child) forfeits the throne, gives the reign to a republic (consiting of one person of each of the 7 kingdoms), and goes back to Essos in search of the house with the red door to live a peaceful life.

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