Neil Nitin Mukesh in Game of Thrones? We Don’t Think So!

neil nitin mukesh bluffing game of thronesYesterday, Internet was ablaze with the news that Bollywood actor Neil Nitin Mukesh has landed a role in Game of Thrones. We did some research behind this and here’s why we feel that this news should be taken with a grain of salt.

According to The Mumbai Mirror, the actor “claims” that he has been offered a role by Greg Powell, the stunt director for Game of Thrones. Now, here’s the interesting part. We couldn’t find any record whatsoever of Greg Powell being attached to Game of Thrones. His IMDB page doesn’t list Game of Thrones anywhere and neither this Google search result.

Powell has been attached to high profile projects like Age of Ultron and Harry Potter films as well as has an emmy nomination under his name and it is hard to believe that there is no record of such a reputed stunt director being part of a TV series as big as Game of Thrones.

Mumbai Mirror also writes this- “Someone from the show’s production team is expected to come down by the month-end for further discussions.” Month end, really? Game of Thrones usually wraps up filming by November-end/early December and it doesn’t seem likely that show is going to cast someone as late as November-end.

Plus, Mumbai Mirror has been accused in the past for publishing incorrect and poorly researched news articles. Back in 2013, they even apologized to veteran Bollywood actress/filmmaker Pooja Bhatt for the same.

According to Hindu, the actor actually doesn’t claim being offered a role and that “the talks are still in the initial stage, and I hope it comes through”. But the article again lists Greg Powell as stunt director for GOT, which as we mentioned, is not true.

Either Neil Nitin Mukesh is bluffing or Mumbai Mirror is. Or maybe both? Or maybe the news is actually true and we will fall flat on our faces when he kills a white walker next season. What do you think? Do let us know in comments.

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